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1 Coordinating religious education across the primary school Derek Bastide 1999
2 Geometry as objective science in elementary school classrooms:mathematics in the flesh Wolff-Michael Roth 2011
3 Managing the primary school : second edition Joan Dean 1995
4 Safety and risk in primary school physical education : a guide for teachers John Severs 2003
5 Primary school in japan : self individuality and learning in elementary education Peter Cave 2007
6 Applied Linguistics and primary school teaching Sue Ellis 2011
7 Teaching physical education in the primary school Bev Hopper, Jenny Grey and Trish Maude 2000
8 The skills of primary school management Les Bell and Chris Rhodes 1996
9 A history of autism Adam Feinstein 2010
10 Special teaching for special children : a pedagogies for inclusion Ann Lewis 2005
11 Autism and the God Connection William Stillman 2006
12 Dyslexia in Children Christopher B.Hayes 2006
13 it’s called dyslexia Jennifer moore_Mallinos -
14 Encyclopedia of attention deficit hyperactivity disorders Evelyn Kelly 2009
15 Autism : an introduction to psychological theory Francesca Happe 2005
16 Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder : what can teachers do? Geoff Kewley 2011
17 A beginning teacher’s guide to special educational needs Janice Wearmouth 2009
18 A parent’s guide to special education in new york city and the metropolitan area Laurie Dubos and Jana Fromer 2006
19 A guide to special education advocacy : what parents, clinicians and advocates need to know Matthew Cohen 2009
20 The effective teacher’s guide to behavioural and emotional disorders Michael Farrell 2006
21 Normal and Abnormal fear and anxiety in children and adolescents Peter Muris 2007
22 Commonsense methods for children with special educational needs Peter Westwood 2003
23 Attention deficit disorder : the unfocused mind in children and adults Thomas E Brown 2005
24 Icts for modern educational and instructional advancement : new approaches to teaching Lawrence Tomei 2010
25 Executive briefings in key technologies acces technologies : DSL and Cable James Harry Green 2002
26 China’s highway of information and communication technology Jiang Yu and Richard Li-Hua 2010
27 Best technology practices in higher education Les Lloyd 2004
28 User-Centered Information Design for Improved Software Usability Pradeep Henry -
29 Managing Information Technology in secondary schools Roger Crawford 1997
30 Studying educational and social policy : theoretical concepts and research methods Ronald H.Heck 2004
31 A matter of trust : connecting teachers and learners in the early childhood curriculum Carollee Howes and Sharon Ritchie 2002
32 A vision for universal preschool education Edward zigler 2006
33 I compagni understanding children’s transition from preschool to elementary school William A Corsaro and Kuisa Molinari -
34 Creating chants and songs Carolyn graham -
35 Early childhood primary education : readings and reflections Jane johnston and john halocha 2010
36 early childhood matters : evidence from the effective pre-school and primary education project Kathy Sylva 2010
37 Science literacy in primary schools and pre schools Haim Eshach 2006
38 Technology for early childhood education and socialization : developmental applications and methodologies Satomi Izumi Taylor 2010
39 Absolute beginner’s guide to homeschooling Brad miser 2005
40 Cyberspace distance learning and higher education in developing countries Brill 2004
41 Encyclopedia of Educational leadership and administration vol 2 Fenwick W English 2006
42 Encyclopedia of Educational leadership and administration vol 2 Fenwick W English 2006
43 Principals in succession : transfer and rotation in educational administration Robert E White 2011
44 The values of educational adminstration Paul T Begley and Pauline E Leonard 1999
45 FTCE guidance and counseling PK-12 Sharon Wynne 2008
46 Human relations in education Eric Hall and Carol Hall 1988
47 Animal pragmatism : rethingking human-nonhuman relationships Erin MsKenna and Andrew light 2004
48 Education policy Paul Trowfer 2003
49 Teaching psychology in higher education Dominic Upton 2010
50 A dictionary of philosophy A R Lacey 1976
51 A companion to philosophical logic Dale Jacquette 2002
52 Virtue Ethics and moral education David Carr 1999
53 Adults mathematical thinking and emotions : study of numerate practices jeff evans 2000
54 Education equality and human rights Mike cole 2006
55 A natural history of place in education David Hutchison 2004
56 100 ideas for surviving your first year in teaching Laura-Jane Fisher 2006
57 The good life of teaching : an ethics of professional practice Chris higgins 2011
58 Building teaching capacities in higher education : a comprehensive international model Alenoush Saroyan 2010
59 global perspectives on adult education Ali A Abdi 2009
60 A Guide to Literacy Coaching : Helping Teachers Increase Student Achievement Annemarie B. Jay ; Mary W Strong 2008
61 A Passion for Teaching Christopher Day 2004
62 Managing Your Academic Career : Strategies for Success D Royce Sadler 1999
63 Residential and Boarding Education and Care for young People : A Model for Good Practice Ewan W Anderson 2005
64 Learning form Lincoln : Leadership Practices for School Success Harvey Alvy ; Pam Robbins 2010
65 A course in Mathematical Statistics Second Edition George G Roussas 1997
66 Patents Citations and Innovations : A Window on the Knowledge Economy Adam B.Jaffe ; Manuel Trajtenberg 2002
67 Citation Analysis in Research Evaluation Henk F Moed 2005
68 Universal Citation Guide Smith v Jones 1999
69 Abnormal and Clinical Psychology : An Introductory Textbook Second Edition Paul Bennett 2006
70 Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff..and it’s all small stuff Richard Carlson 1997
71 Debates in History Teaching Ian Davies 2011
72 Changing Literacies for Changing Times James V Hoffman 2009
73 Adult Education and Lifelong Learning : Theory and Practice Third Edition Peter Jarvis 2004
74 Everyday Engagement : Making Students and Parents Your Partners in Learning Katy Ridnover 2011
75 1000 best new teacher survival secrets : face the classroom with confidence Kandace Martin and Kathleen Brenny 2005
76 100+ Educational Strategies : to teach children of color Jawanza Kunjufu 2008
77 Rational Emotive Education William J Knaus -
78 Parental Involvement and Acade,ic Success William H Jeynes 2011
79 The plagiarism allegation in english literature from butler to sterne Richard Terry 2010
80 Original Copy : Plagiarism and Originality in Nineteemth-Century Literature Robert Macfarlane 2007
81 Student plagiarism in an online world problems and solutions Tim S roberts 2008
82 Plagiarism the internet and student learning : improving academic integrity Wendy Sutherland-Smith 2008
83 Plagiarism Alchemy and Remedy in Higher Education Bill Marsh 2007
84 Who Owns this Text? Plagiarism Authorship and Disciplinary Cultures Carol Peterson Haviland 2009
85 Academic Writing and Plagiarism A Linguistic Analysis Diane Pecorari 2008
86 Plagiarism Heidi Williams 2008
87 Student cheating and plagiarism in the internet era : a wake-up call Ann Lathrop 2000
88 Enacting a pedagogy of teacher education : values relationships and practices Tom Russell and John Loughran 2007
89 Learning together in the early years : exploring relational pedagogy Theodora Papatheodorou 2009
90 A handbook for the art and science of teaching Robert J Marzano ; John L Brown 2009
91 Becoming a digital library Susan J Barnes 2004
92 Applications of Social Research Methods to Questions in Information and Library Science Barbara M Wildemurt 2009
93 A handbook for teacher research from design to implementation Colin Lankshear 2004
94 The economics of information : a guide to economic and cost-benefit analysis for information professionals second edition Bruce R Kingma 2001
95 Basic Research methods for librarians Lynn Silipigni Connaway ; Ronald R Powell 2010
96 The successful academic librarian : winning strategies from library leaders Gwen Meyer Gregory 2005
97 Digital Inclusion Teens and Your Library Lesley S J Farmer 2005
98 Leardership Capacity for Lasting School Impovement Linda Lambert 2003
99 Leadership and Management Development Tony Bush 2008
100 Learning for Leadership : Building a school of professional practice Michelle Anderson ; Christine Cawsey 2008
101 Developing Leadership : creating the schools of tomorrow Martin J Coles -
102 Writing successful academic books Anthony Haynes 2010
103 Advanced Reading Power Beatrice S Mikulecky ; Linda jeffries 2007
104 Building Leadership Capacity for School Alma Harris ; Linda Lambert 2003
105 Developing Expert Leadership for Future Schools Kenneth Leithwood 1994

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